X-ray free electron laser studies of electron and phonon dynamics of graphene adsorbed on copper

Hirohito Ogasawara, Han Wang, J├Ârgen Gladh, Alessandro Gallo, Ralph Page, Johannes Voss, Alan Luntz, Elias Diesen, Frank Abild-Pedersen, Anders Nilsson, Markus Soldemo, Marc Zajac, Andrew Attar, Michelle E. Chen, Sang Wan Cho, Abhishek Katoch, Ki-Jeong Kim, Kyung Hwan Kim, Minseok Kim, Soonnam Kwon, Sang Han Park, Henrique Ribeiro, Sami Sainio, Hsin-Yi Wang, Cheolhee Yang, Tony Heinz
Year of publication: 
Phys. Rev. Materials

We report optical pumping and x-ray absorption spectroscopy experiments at the Pohang Accelerator Laboratory free electron laser that probes the electron dynamics of a graphene monolayer adsorbed on copper in the femtosecond regime. By analyzing the results with ab initio theory we infer that the excitation of graphene is dominated by indirect excitation from hot electron-hole pairs created in the copper by the optical laser pulse. However, once the excitation is created in graphene, its decay follows a similar path as in many previous studies of graphene adsorbed on semiconductors, i.e., rapid excitation of strongly coupled optical phonons and eventual thermalization. It is likely that the lifetime of the hot electron-hole pairs in copper governs the lifetime of the electronic excitation of the graphene.

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