Protocol for assembling and operating bipolar membrane water electrolyzers

Isabela Rios Amador, Ryan T. Hannagan, Daniela H. Marin, Joseph T. Perryman, Charline Remy, McKenzie A. Hubert, Grace A. Lindquist, Lihaokun Chen, Michaela Burke Stevens, Shannon W Boettcher, Adam C. Nielander, Thomas F. Jaramillo
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STAR Protocols

Renewable energy-driven bipolar membrane water electrolyzers (BPMWEs) are a promising technology for sustainable production of hydrogen from seawater and other impure water sources. Here, we present a protocol for assembling BPMWEs and operating them in a range of water feedstocks, including ultra- pure deionized water and seawater. We describe steps for membrane electrode assembly preparation, electrolyzer assembly, and electrochemical evaluation. For complete details on the use and execution of this protocol, please refer to Marin et al. (2023).1

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