High Pressure CO Hydrogenation Over Bimetallic Pt-Co Catalysts

Jakob M. Christensen, Andrew J. Medford, Felix Studt, Anker D. Jensen
Year of publication: 
Catalysis Letters

The potential of bimetallic Pt–Co catalysts for production of higher alcohols in high pressure CO hydroge- nation has been assessed. Two catalysts (Pt3Co/SiO2 and PtCo/SiO2) were tested, and the existing literature on CO hydrogenation over Pt–Co catalysts was reviewed. It is found that the catalysts produce mainly methanol in the Pt-rich composition range and mainly hydrocarbons (and to a modest extent higher alcohols) in the Co-rich composition range. The transition between the two types of behavior occurs in a nar- row composition range around a molar Pt:Co ratio of 1:1.

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