Generic approach to access barriers in dehydrogenation reactions

Liang Yu, Laia Vilella, Frank Abild-Pedersen
Year of publication: 
Communications Chemistry

The introduction of linear energy correlations, which explicitly relate adsorption energies of reaction intermediates and activation energies in heterogeneous catalysis, has proven to be a key component in the computational search for new and promising catalysts. A simple linear approach to estimate activation energies still requires a significant computational effort. To simplify this process and at the same time incorporate the need for enhanced complexity of reaction intermediates, we generalize a recently proposed approach that evaluates transition state energies based entirely on bond-order conservation arguments. We show that similar variation of the local electronic structure along the reaction coordinate introduces a set of general functions that accurately defines the transition state energy and are transferable to other reactions with similar bonding nature. With such an approach, more complex reaction intermediates can be targeted with an insignificant increase in computational effort and without loss of accuracy.

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