, an open electronic structure database for surface reactions

Kirsten T. Winther, Max J. Hoffmann, Jacob R. Boes, Osman Mamun, Michal Bajdich, Thomas Bligaard
Year of publication: 
Nature Scientific Data

We present a new open repository for chemical reactions on catalytic surfaces, available atĀ The featured database for surface reactions contains more than 100,000 chemisorption and reaction energies obtained from electronic structure calculations, and is continuously being updated with new datasets. In addition to providing quantum-mechanical results for a broad range of reactions and surfaces from different publications, the database features a systematic, large-scale study of chemical adsorption and hydrogenation on bimetallic alloy surfaces. The database contains reaction specific information, such as the surface composition and reaction energy for each reaction, as well as the surface geometries andĀ calculational parameters, essential for data reproducibility. By providing direct access via the web-interface as well as a Python API, we seek to accelerate the discovery of catalytic materials for sustainable energy applications by enabling researchers to efficiently use the data as a basis for new calculations and model generation.

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