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At SUNCAT we are open for collaborations and are engaged in data and knowledge sharing. We always have visiting professors or students from all over the world. Through CatApp we are making our research results available to anyone. We are also running an Industrial Affiliates Program.


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Term of User

SUNCAT offers to the informed public easy access to valuable specialized information through CatApp, as a fast and convenient way to topical and reliable information on the subject of catalysis. SUNCAT does not make any warranties as to the completeness, suitability or correctness of the information found in CatApp, and SUNCAT assumes no responsibility for and shall not be liable for any damages that may arise from the use of the information. All data accessible through CatApp is published data and each result is tagged by reference to the original publication. Any result found through CatApp that a user includes in a publication of their own, must refer to both the publication of the result and the publication describing CatApp as stated above. Furthermore, links to third party sites are available in order to locate the publication where a certain result was published. As these sites do not belong to our web service and therefore are beyond our control, SUNCAT assumes no responsibility for the contents of these third party sites and shall not be liable for errors or omissions, lack of topicality or fitness for a particular purpose of the information found there.


Upload is simple, just download this template spreadsheet catapp.csv and fill in your values instead and email it to if you wish to add your data to CatApp

Open Positions

The SUNCAT theory group has regular postdoctoral positions open for outstanding graduates. If you are interested we invite you to submit your curriculum vitae via email to: Thomas Bligaard Please visit SLAC and Stanford's job posting sites for complete job listings.