Industrial Affiliates Program (Stanford University)

Any company can join the SUNCAT Industrial Affiliates Program.

The following benefits are offered to SUNCAT Industrial Affiliate Members:

  • To provide an industrial perspective in the strategic development of SUNCAT-Stanford;
  • To provide a forum for the early communication of new results from SUNCAT-Stanford;
  • To provide a forum for the development of common research projects in SUNCAT-Stanford;
  • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge into society of SUNCAT-Stanford research;
  • To provide financial support for the SUNCAT-Stanford program activities;
  • Serving on the Industrial advisory board of the SUNCAT Center to help establish research priorities and recommend projects for seed funding
  • Research-in-Progress Program: Member will be given the possibility to interact with faculty and staff at SUNCAT-Stanford, and it represents an opportunity to interact with and recruit Stanford graduate students working in the associated programs.
  • Industrial Visiting Scholar Program: Short-term residencies at Stanford for industrial researchers will promote in depth interaction between academic researchers and professionals in the field in accordance with Stanford’s Visiting Scholar policies

The annual membership fee is $40K. For further information, please email:

Although SUNCAT is a joint Center of Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the Industrial Affiliates Program is administered solely by Stanford University, and participation in it confers no benefits with respect to SLAC nor imply any endorsement by SLAC or the Department of Energy.

Stanford Policies

Please check the link below for Research Policy Handbook (RPH) 13.4:

Establishment of Industrial Affiliates and Related Membership-Supported Programs


Provider: Office of the Vice Provost and Dean of Research, Stanford University Contact: Manager, Industrial Contracts Office. Last updated: June 03, 2024

For more information contact Staff Scientists:

Dr. Daniel Lee (