(CLOSED) Postdoc in quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) and catalysis at Stanford/SLAC

Monday, May 1, 2023

Postdoc in quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) and catalysis at Stanford/SLAC.

Are you a quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) expert, developer or user? Do you work on methods beyond DFT?

We seek a single quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) expert to apply the latest generation of the QMC codes on peta and exa-scale computers (Perlmutter, NERSC) with the goal to create new catalytic adsorption benchmarks on metal-oxides systems. This project is about the real-world energy applications of QMC to electro and phot catalysis.

This is a 2-year position with benefits and relative independence with appointment via Stanford University and SLAC funded via SLAC-LDRD. If successful, continuation of the project will possible beyond 2 year period.   

The position is available immediately and the salary range is 72K-80K for 2023 period.

Please don't hessite to reach out to bajdich@stanford.edu about the details.