Bligaard early career award

Thomas Bligaard of SUNCAT, theoretical physicist Stefan Hoeche and accelerator physicist Juhao Wu have been selected to receive awards through the Department of Energy's Early Career Research Program. The three are among 61 young scientists selected from a pool of 770 university- and national laboratory-based applicants. Their winning proposals represent the breadth of SLAC's programs: Bligaard is searching for more effective and more economical catalysts that can enable the chemical reactions necessary to create biofuels; Hoeche is developing methods to pull signs of new physics from the deluge of data at the Large Hadron Collider; and Wu is working to make the Linac Coherent Light Source and its successor, the LCLS-II, even more powerful tools for scientific discovery. More about these researchers and their projects coming soon to SLAC Today. For more information about the Early Career Research Program, see the DOE press release.