SUNCAT Summer Institute 2019


Monday, August 12 2019 till Friday, August 16 2019



Panofsky Auditorium
SLAC SUSB Building
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
2575 Sand Hill Road
Menlo Park, CA 94025


Catalysis in an Evolving Energy Landscape

As renewable energy technologies continue to grow in capacity, heterogeneous catalysis is becoming increasingly important, playing a central role in chemical transformations for the synthesis of fuels and chemicals.  This summer school will provide participants with a detailed introduction to the fundamental concepts that govern heterogeneous catalysis and the cutting-edge research currently being pursued.  Spanning electrochemical, photoelectrochemical, and gas phase heterogeneous catalysis, tutorials will be given by invited experts from academia and industry describing both theoretical and experimental approaches. Introductions will be given both to experimental techniques such as synthesis and advanced catalyst characterization, and also to modeling, simulation, and machine learning approaches.

This summer school is aimed at graduate students as well as early career researchers in chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, or materials science. Researchers of diverse backgrounds with an interest in experimental or theoretical studies of surface chemical processes and their applications in energy transformations are particularly encouraged to attend.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

The chairs
Melis Duyar, Laurie King, and Johannes Voss


Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Ilke Arslan
Prof. Steven Chu
Prof. John Rehr
U. Washington
Dr. Kathy Ayers
Proton OnSite
Prof. Giulia Galli
U. Chicago
Prof. Karsten Reuter
TU München
Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti
Dr. Kendra Kuhl
Opus 12
Prof. Susannah Scott
UC Santa Barbara
Dr. Jeffery Bricker
Prof. Nuria Lopez
Prof. Karsten Wedel Jacobsen
Prof. Cathy Chin
U. Toronto
Prof. Anders Nilsson
U. Stockholm
Prof. Jennifer Wilcox
Prof. Kyoung-Shin Choi
Prof. Eranda Nikolla
Wayne State
Prof. Chris Wolverton
Prof. Ib Chorkendorff
Prof. Jens Nørskov



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Information about accomodation

Please find information about accomodation options in general at this link:


Limited number of accomodations at Stanford Guest House

A very limited number of rooms is available in the Stanford Guest House for the SUNCAT Summer School. Attendees can reserve rooms using the code SUNCAT19. (From 8/11 - 8/16)

Registrations are first come first serve. Please follow this link to the Stanford Guest House page.



Poster sizes are (about) 30in x 40in (portrait orientation preferred).


Agenda (Lectures in Panofsky Auditorium, SLAC SUSB Building)


Lecture titles

Dr. Ilke Arslan: In-situ and ex-situ zeolite synthesis in the transmission electron microscope
Dr. Kathy Ayers: TBD
Prof. Raffaella Buonsanti: Colloidal nanocrystals as tunable heterogeneous catalysts for electrochemical CO2 conversion
Dr. Jeffery Bricker: Advanced Catalysts for Light Paraffin Dehydrogenation
Prof. Cathy Chin: TBD
Prof. Kyoung-Shin Choi: Electrochemical Biomass Conversion
Prof. Ib Chorkendorff: Catalysis for Energy Conversion
Prof. Steven Chu: TBD
Prof. Giulia Galli: Solar interfaces: an atomistic perspective
Dr. Kendra Kuhl: TBD
Prof. Nuria Lopez: TBD
Prof. Anders Nilsson: Probing Catalysis in Real Time
Prof. Eranda Nikolla: Oxygen electrocatalysis using mixed metal oxides
Prof. John Rehr: Theory of X-ray Absorption Spectra in Real Space, Real Time and Finite Temperature
Prof. Karsten Reuter: Multiscale Modeling for operando Catalysis
Prof. Susannah Scott: A second life for polymers: An unconventional source of energy and chemicals
Prof. Karsten Wedel Jacobsen: Machine learning and computational screening
Prof. Jennifer Wilcox: Carbon Capture
Prof. Chris Wolverton: Data-Driven Discovery and Design of Bulk and Nanoparticle Materials